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The poker business has already seen quite a few stars who have attracted attention with prestigious wins and high prize money. Due to bad luck, personal misconduct and other frame conditions, some brightly shining stars have also faded again. In this article, we are not looking at one-day wonders who won a major tournament through sheer luck, but at professionals who spent years proving their prowess and then disappeared from the limelight. Nevertheless, they have made their way back, achieving some of the biggest successes in the poker business.

Gus Hansen - German Dog

Gus Hansen's Instagram account was a highlight in the poker world last summer. Hans, also known as 'The Great Dane', spent more than 600 hours playing high stakes cash games at " Bobby's Room " in Las Vegas. On his social media channel he described his days at one of the world's most famous and exclusive poker rooms on Poker Uden Om Rofus. In addition to the poker experience, fans also got the chance to see his side trips to the craps tables and even the Las Vegas nightlife. Before that, he promised a great summer, and it should be for him and his fans too. His results in cash games are impossible to pinpoint. Because of his range and entertainment value he is still on this list. We are delighted to have the Great Dane back at the tables after a long break, and that we are thrilled with his manner and skill. Hansen rose to fame by winning the inaugural WPT televised tournament, the 2002 Five Diamond Classic. He quickly became a fan favourite and one of the most recognisable figures in the poker world. Just never seen in a casino, he was also a gifted online gambler. So it was no surprise that he became the nominal head of Full Tilt Poker, which was still enjoying its glory days. The attention and success continued for more than 10 years until he took a break from the game in 2014. That summer he made an impressive comeback.

Chris Ferguson - Jesus

Chris Ferguson has also been the face of Full Tilt Poker. Unlike Hansen, the player also owned shares in the company. As a result, many in the poker community believed that Ferguson would never return to the spotlight after his demise and subsequent player payout fiasco. So before disappearing from the scene in 2011, he managed to beat poker fans in numerous tournaments. His biggest success was winning the WSOP Main Event in 2000. He also managed to win five more World Series bracelets. After Full Tilt closed, "Jesus", as he was nicknamed because of his hair, was not known about for five years. In 2016 he returned to the WSOP for the first time, albeit with moderate success. At the following championships, however, he managed to win prize money in many tournaments. 

Stu Ungar - The Kid (comeback)

Before the poker boom in the early 2000s, Stew Ungar was one of poker's legends. He was considered by some to be the greatest player of all time. His drug addiction and mishandling of money set him back after his early successes at a young age, which earned him the nickname 'The Kid'. At the age of just 26, he first won the WSOP Main Event in 1980. The following year, he was able to repeat the feat. After years of drug abuse and up to his neck in debt, he was re-registered for the WSOP Main Event in 1997 by professional poker player and his confidant, Billy Baxter. By winning this event, he became the only man to win the bracelet of the world's most famous poker tournament three times. This earned him the new nickname 'The Returning Kid'. However, his luck didn't last long, and Angar lost his battle with drugs. In November 1998, he was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room. The cause of death was heart failure due to substance abuse.

Mike "Roth" Matusow

Mike 'Roth' Matusow is one of the most famous poker players in the world. In addition to his playful skills, his big mouth also contributed to this. He has amassed four WSOP bracelets and $10 million in tournament prize money during his career. However, a spinal injury stopped him in 2014. Despite surgery, the injury continued to limit him. There was no success at the poker tables. Failures continued until Matusow went bankrupt and lost his home. Nevertheless, he worked his way back through the low stakes and ended up winning seven tournaments at the 2017 WSOP. He finished twelfth in the first-class $50,000 Poker Players Championship. Seven more WSOP 2018 prizes followed. So The Mouth is back and can spit big again.

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