Tips for the passage of Batman: Arkham City - Main Missions # 101

Batman's trophies (01-08)

Trophy 1.

Used gadgets: Remote Electric Charge, Batclaw

The trophy is under water, or rather on the spot with a green sign. Unfortunately, you can not get it using Freeze Blast, so turn to the nearest crane.

Find the crane engine in detective mode and apply an electrical charge to it. Doing it, you will lower it into the water.

Once again, shoot the engine, this time the opposite charge, and you will force the hook to rise again. Use claw to catch a trophy.

Trophy 2.

Used gadgets: Line Launcher

Having reached the area where the trophy is hidden, you should notice that it is inside the tower. The only way to get inside is to punch a weak wooden wall.

From the wall you can get rid of several ways. One of them flies out of one of the higher buildings and crashes into the wall. I would recommend a faster method that implies the use of a linear starting setting to the north-west of the target. The fishing line should break through the wall, and everything you need to do is climb on it after you drove through it. Fortunately, the trophy is not protected.

Trophy 3.

Used gadgets: Remote Controlled Batarang, Batarang

Reaching the destination, find the clamping plate, which is located next to the trophy cell. Please note that, getting on it, you will force you to open two metal gates for a short time at a distance. The key to solving this puzzle is to hit Betarang all three interactive question signs before the gate will close and further attempts will become impossible.

Quickly throw the batrang with remote control and lead it to the metal door. Then turn right to the question mark at a distance. I would suggest using the acceleration option activated by pressing the right trigger as often as possible to speed up the process.

Immediately after you click the right question mark, quickly throw ordinary Batarang by pressing the left trigger. Therefore, you will fall into a question mark in front of yourself. After that, once again, quit the batrang with remote control and turn left after it flies through the closing metal door.

No need to hurry so to put the third question mark. If you do everything right, the cell will open, and you can pick up a trophy. Take a look at this page: Bitcoin Casino . Every aspect of cryptocurrency is covered, from news to live pricing to crypto gaming to bitcoin casinos.
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