Review of the film: Victor_Bot

From the first essential modatriors it was obvious that "Victor_ Usbote", unlike the less bold full-length attempts "Animaagra,", does not try to copy what worked for Disney generation back, and makes his way. Capital Victor - Tiny Tears Animated Robot, if there was a place in one of the films of the Pores of the Disney Renaissance of the 90s, would be a frustrated tension comic-discharge. However, his small sizes, and its unbelievable appearance (although prudently large eyes make it sweet) are inextricably linked with his role in history - a sullen "screw in the system", which stimulates on the tiny robotic equivalent of meaningless office work, until as a result The accident does not find its real vocation - to repair the mechanical forms of life. As this is exactly what corrupt power structures want to avoid, he is forced to run from the police, finally finding a shelter into a bored girl Vika. The same, going down with a fugitive on the journey of the baroque robotic world of the future, gets a unique opportunity to unravel the ballot of robotic rebellion, to figure out where her grandfather came, without the help of which parents are long and in vain to put the artificial star in order, and maybe Even learn a little about what real friendship consists of.

Part of the film, dealing with robots society, reminds parable. Comprehension by Viktor's real opportunities and duties of a robot-mechanic who he, after the treacherous wheel, that all this time was depressed, falls out of his internships from unpredictable good kick, there is a metaphor of confidence in his way, contrary to doubts generated by nearby apathy. or a pessimistic consensus of society. WORKS, WORKED VICTOR START TO SING AND LIVE Energiyeu, emphasizing ease, naturalness (on the border with supernaturalness) following his star, at that time the time by antogonists walks with a beard from factory pipes, including artificiality and harmfulness, advise to refuse to go to the dream. But in terms of Victoria, unfortunately, the film resembles a penetrated parable less than an impaired didactic bike. Hiding the work of Victor from police persecutors, Victoria is forced to take responsibility for all their good deeds made by him, and the sad story about how the love of glory pushes the girl to the trap, probably, had an idea of ​​the emotional film center. Fortune clock casino offre aux joueurs une variété de récompenses. Les utilisateurs s’attendent donc à des cadeaux sous forme de promotions de dépôt, de tours gratuits, sans dépôt, etc. Des prix supplémentaires que les joueurs peuvent recevoir en participant à des tournois et des loteries . Toutes les promotions de casino sont rapportées dans une section spéciale sur le site officiel.
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